We're making improvements for people walking and biking along the Cobham Drive shared pathway, and to provide a connection to Evans Bay Parade.

Cobham Drive separated paths

The Cobham Drive route runs around Evans Bay from Miramar Avenue to the Evans Bay Parade intersection. This will be an important section of the Great Harbour Way, running between the bay and the main transport route to the airport.             

This improved route for bikes will provide a smoother connection for Miramar residents with Evans Bay, Kilbirnie and the central city. School children will have a safer ride to school and recreational riders an attractive introduction to the scenic route around the peninsula. It will also make things safer and more relaxing for pedestrians.

This proposal does not include a crossing on Cobham Drive, but we are working together with the New Zealand Transport Agency on possible solutions for the longer term. 

Where the route will go

The route will be developed on the north harbour-side of Cobham Drive where the existing shared path lies.  

Cobham Drive

Project timeline

23 May 2016 First consultation closed

We first consulted the public on suggested corridors and routes for safer and easier biking through the Eastern suburbs in April/May last year. The present Wellington City Cycleways Programme takes on board feedback from that consultation and from an NZ Transport Agency-commissioned independent review of the programme.

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Cobham Drive

The route runs around Evans Bay from Miramar Avenue to the Evans Bay Parade intersection. 

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Formal Submissions

Submissions close 5pm on Tuesday 4 April

Your views

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While consultation is open, you can share your views by making a submission. 

Once consultation has closed, you can still give feedback about how you feel about any part of a project by sharing your view. Anyone visiting the website will be able to see your comments online, and your feedback will also be shared with Councillors.

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