We're making improvements for people walking and biking to provide connections to Evans Bay, Kilbirnie, and across Miramar. 

Miramar connections

Following public consultation in 2016, Councillors have agreed to four routes across Miramar.

These routes better connect local destinations, including:

  • Miramar Central School
  • Holy Cross School
  • Scots College
  • Rongotai College
  • Roxy Cinema
  • Many local shops, cafes, and local recreation areas.

The routes will provide connections to Kilbirnie. Once options for Miramar Avenue have been developed with Enterprise Miramar Peninsula, there will also be a connection to Cobham Drive.

Where the routes will go

Route one – Park Road (from Miramar Avenue roundabout to Miramar North Road roundabout).

Route two – Ira Street (Miramar Avenue roundabout to Broadway).

Route three will include:

  • Hobart Street (from Miramar Avenue roundabout)
  • Kedah Street
  • Miro Street to airport subway.

Route four will include:

  • Dundas Street or Inglis Street
  • Ferry Street
  • Seatoun Tunnel
  • Broadway to Miro Street and the airport subway.

We are seeking your views to help decide what these routes looks like and to make sure we are aware of any potential issues and their solutions. To help us move the project forward, tell us what you think.

Project timeline

14 June 2017 Workshop 4

We're holding workshops with a range of community stakeholders interested in the Miramar Connections cycleway routes. 

The fourth workshop will be held on Wednesday 14 June.  If you are interested in more information, please contact Ben Alexander.

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Miramar connections

These routes will provide connections across Miramar through to Kilbirnie and Cobham Drive.

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