We're making improvements for people walking and biking to provide connections from Hutt Road to the central city and waterfront. Journey times for buses will also be improved to make this a more reliable transport option.

Thorndon Quay

Thorndon Quay is an important part of Wellington’s transport network, particularly for people in the northern suburbs.

This route will complete the connection between the proposed Hutt Valley to Wellington cycleway and the central city.

The route will follow the existing cycle path along Thorndon Quay in the short to medium term.

A route that runs along Aotea Quay has been considered, but as the land is not owned by Wellington City Council, this is not a viable option at this stage. Find out why Councillors have agreed to focus on improving Thorndon Quay.

Where the route will go

The Thorndon Quay route will go from the Aotea Quay overbridge along Hutt Road, Thorndon Quay, Featherston Street, and Bunny Street to the Waterloo Quay intersection. It provides links to Featherston Street, which is where most cyclists using this route are heading, and the waterfront. Watch the video to explore the route. 

These improvements could mean:

  • Shared paths, with some one-way or two-way cycle lanes
  • Safe intersections and safe crossings created
  • A number of car parks affected depending on the design. 

We are seeking your views to help decide what this route looks like and to make sure we are aware of any potential issues and their solutions. To help us move the project forward, tell us what you think.

Your thoughts will assist the community working group which is helping to find the most viable ways to make Thorndon Quay safer.  Wider community engagement is likely later in the year.  

This section of Wellington’s connected cycle network is scheduled to be completed by early 2019.

Improvements around Bunny Street

Some improvements to the road markings in and around Bunny Street will be made during the second half of 2017 to make the area safer for people on bikes. 

We’ll be:

  • greening parts of the existing cycle lanes on Bunny Street so they are more obvious to people using this area
  • adding green cycle stop boxes on Bunny Street at the Waterloo Quay and Featherston Street intersections 
  • marking a short northbound section of bike lane on Featherston Street adjacent to the Victoria University Business School
  • adding more green around the Mulgrave Street intersection to help make this busy spot a little bit safer for those riding north. 

These changes have been planned for about two years, but were delayed while work happened on the Victoria University site.

Contractors used the wide shoulder on this part of Featherston Street to provide a temporary loading zone during construction, but it is no longer required for this purpose. It is a part of the road many people on bikes already use.  

These road marking changes do not preclude consideration of other ways to make this part of the route safer in the future.


Project timeline

11 May 2017 Workshop 3

We're holding workshops with a range of people interested in the Thorndon Quay route development.

A workshop was held on Thursday 11 May. Please contact Charmead Schella for more information.

11 May 2017 Thorndon Meeting Minutes (1.44MB - PDF)

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Thorndon Quay

The Thorndon Quay route will go from the Aotea Quay overbridge along Hutt Road, Thorndon Quay, Featherston Street, and Bunny Street to the Waterloo Quay intersection.

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