What’s proposed

We are developing more detailed designs and testing a range of possible changes including:

Possible contra-flow lanes:
  • Cuba Street between  Ghuznee and Vivian streets
  • Willeston Street between Willis and Victoria streets
  • Mercer Street
  • Dixon Street
Possible new cycle lanes:
  • Whitmore Street, at least between Lambton Quay and Stout Street
  • Rugby Street – one-way from Adelaide Road to Tasman Street
  • Featherston Street from Bunny Street to Ballance Street (heading south)
Possible shared zone:
  • Bunny Stree­t – allowing people on bikes to go east between Lambton Quay and Featherston Street adjacent to Victoria University’s Rutherford House.
Improved links to the waterfront including:
  • From Kent Terrace to the seaward side of Oriental Parade (behind Chaffers New World)
  • From Chaffers Street across Cable Street to Waitangi Park
  • From Tory Street across Cable Street to near Te Papa
  • From Harris Street near the library and Civic Square across Jervois Quay
  • From Willeston Street across Jervois Quay
  • From Hunter Street across Jervois Quay and into Victoria Street
  • From Grey Street across Customhouse Quay to Queens Wharf
  • From Brandon Street across Customhouse Quay
  • From Johnston Street across Customhouse Quay
  • From Waring Taylor Street across Customhouse Quay
  • From Whitmore Street across Waterloo Quay
  • From Bunny Street across Waterloo Quay
Other intersection improvements:
  • Willis Street/Karo Drive/Abel Smith Street – including better links and wider dual-purpose crossing points
  • A crossing point for cyclists on Kent Terrace near the Basin roundabout adjacent to the existing one for pedestrians.
Other changes including:
  • Installing a sign for the quieter alternative southern route via Home and Hania streets.
  • Allowing people to ride in both directions in the lower Cuba Street shared zone between Wakefield Street and Manners Street
  • Reviewing ‘bus only’ restrictions
  • Reviewing bus lane and ‘bus only’ markings
  • Providing more on-street bike parking
  • Considering other contra-flow provisions in quiet one-way streets
  • Replacing uneven cobbled surfacing on waterfront vehicle entrances and accessways with a more even cobbled surface like that used in Pukeahu War Memorial Park.

Central city

See the improvements being considered across the central city.

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