Proposed solution: 

Crawford Road to Onepu Road: Bike stop boxes with feeder lanes at the traffic lights

Onepu Road to Te Whiti Street: Kerbside bike lane is proposed on each side of the road with a raised buffer

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Why this solution?

The section of cycle path between Onepu Road and Te Whiti Street gives better protection for people on bikes, and is appropriate for this busy route, which has a lot of fast-moving traffic. The section between Crawford Road and Onepu Road requires more discussion with the community, particularly local businesses. There is already a 30km/h speed limit and sharrows so for now, we propose to add bike stop boxes at the traffic lights.

Impacts (between Crawford Road and Onepu Road):
  • Bike feeder lanes and stop boxes will be installed at the traffic lights at the Bay Road and Onepu Road intersections.
Impacts (between Onepu Road and Te Whiti Street):
  • To allow residents to safely turn into and out of driveways, the proposed design would provide more turning room and shorter parking spaces. Parking space for 30 vehicles would remain along this stretch – 17 less than at the moment.
  • At the bus stops the bike path would be at footpath level, making it easier for people getting on and off the bus.

Read the full Traffic Resolution Report (634KB PDF) and plans (4.9MB PDF)

Proposal for Rongotai Road

Outside the Kilbirnie town centre, looking towards the airport near the Ross Street intersection

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Proposal for Rongotai Road: Bus Stop

Looking towards the Kilbirnie town centre, near the Mahora Street intersection (this s a typical example that will be used in other places).

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