The Miro Street and Kedah Street route runs from the airport pathway tunnel to Kedah Street, then along Kedah Street to Hobart Street. There is one option proposed for this route.

Any impact on bus stops, pedestrian crossings and driveways will be detailed in the next stage of design and available for feedback in November.

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Option A - Sharrow markings in traffic lane
HobartMiroKedah A
Why Option A?

Sharrow markings increase driver awareness of people on bikes, but are unlikely to encourage less-confident riders to use the route. Traffic speeds will need to reduce to improve safety for people on bikes. This option encourages slower speeds, lowering crash risk and severity.

  • No changes to parking
  • No changes to footpaths
  • No trees removed
  • Traffic speeds may have to be reduced
  • Likely uptake by people on bikes: Moderate increase

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