Miramar Avenue is at the heart of Miramar town centre. It is a busy street, with people on foot and on bikes competing with buses and other traffic. Weekday demand is high and weekends can be even busier.

Miramar is expanding as an urban centre and transport demand is expected to increase. New bus services from 2018 will mean more buses on Miramar Avenue, including bus hubs.

Enterprise Miramar Peninsula, a group of local business people forming the Miramar business improvement district, is looking for opportunities to improve the town centre.

The Council has been working with the group since 2016 to identify the issues, investigate transport demand, and come up with a short list of options for discussion with the wider community.

As part of improving transport in the town centre, there is an opportunity to connect Miramar Avenue to the rest of the safe cycling network set to be developed in Miramar and Kilbirnie, and the proposed new walking and biking paths along Cobham Drive.


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