We're making improvements for people walking and biking around Oriental Bay so this hugely popular destination on Wellington’s waterfront can be enjoyed by everyone.

Oriental Parade

In the short term, we have funding to address the problems caused by the undersized shared path between Herd Street (at Waitangi Park) and Freyberg Pool. At 3.8m wide, this is the narrowest and most congested section of the shared path around Oriental Bay. Improvements here would make the path safer and more comfortable.

We also want to hear your views on how the rest of this route, from Freyberg Pool car park to the end of the shared path near Carlton Gore Road, could be improved in the long term.

Oriental Bay is part of the eastern suburbs to central city cycling connection from Miramar to Waitangi Park via Cobham Drive and Evans Bay Parade.

On weekdays, Oriental Parade is a busy bus and commuter route. Transport demands are highest in the weekends and during the summer months, when the shared path is crowded with people walking, jogging and biking. 

Where the route will go

This route goes along Oriental Parade from Herd Street to Carlton Gore Road where the existing shared path ends. In the short term, improvements will be made to the section from Herd Street to Freyberg Pool.

We are seeking your views to help decide what this route looks like and to make sure we are aware of any potential issues and their solutions. To help us move the project forward, tell us what you think. 

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