Southern area routes will connect the southern suburbs with local centres, schools and the central city.

The Council will soon be starting work with the Berhampore, Newtown and Mt Cook communities to develop options for safer biking routes. These will be part of the southern connection between Island Bay and Pukeahu National War Memorial Park or the Basin Reserve.

This project is being funded as part of the Government's Urban Cycleways Programme.

Improvements to bike routes in the southern suburbs will give people choices for how they travel in their neighbourhoods and to the central city.

Island Bay to city

The first section of the Island Bay to central city route is the protected cycleway along The Parade to Dee Street. It connects local destinations, and safer biking lanes allow less confident riders, young and old, to travel around their community by bike.

There are many potential options from Dee Street through Berhampore, Newtown and Mt Cook to Pukeahu National War Memorial Park or the Basin Reserve - shown as sections 2 and 3 on the map.

The upcoming project will look at developing potential route options for all three sections.

The section through Te Aro to Waitangi Park is now linked with Let's Get Wellington Moving and larger transport changes expected to come out of that project.

four part map full width


Our research shows that providing high quality cycling infrastructure would almost triple the number of people cycling in the southern corridor. This would reduce congestion on the roads during peak travel times making it faster for everyone to get around.

We commissioned a feasibility study to find the most efficient route through Island Bay for people on bikes. From this, we found that The Parade was the most logical and desirable place to start. Better integration with the road and making cycle lanes more consistent will reduce confusion, increasing safety.