Bus stops

Bus stop bypasses are a shared space for people on foot and those riding bikes.

Pedestrians – be aware there may be people on bikes near bus stops.

Cyclists – be aware of your surroundings and slow down for pedestrians.

100334 bus stops


Drivers – as you leave your driveway, give way to people walking and cycling. It’s okay to pause on the cycle lane while you wait for a break in the traffic, but don’t stop here to drop off passengers or unload.

Cyclists – slow down and give way to vehicles on the cycle lane while they wait to merge with traffic.

100334 driveways


Park within the solid white lines. The broken white line shows the buffer zone for safely opening your car door. Once out of your car, you can also wait in this zone before crossing the cycle lane.

100334 parking


Passengers – check behind you before opening your door. People biking on the cycle lane will see the door opening as they approach but if a cyclist is close, allow them to pass first.

Cyclists – be aware of your surroundings. Check for visual clues like car brake lights, indicators and head silhouettes and slow down if it looks like someone will be getting out of a vehicle.

100334 passenger doors

General advice

When you’re driving:

  • Let bikes go first where they are merging with traffic – on either side of the shopping centre and the Dee Street roundabout.
  • Take extra care at intersections and if you are turning, remember to give way to all traffic going straight ahead including bikes using the new sections of lane.

When you’re cycling:

  • Watch for people parking and crossing to and from cars and be patient and courteous. People may forget and park in the wrong place out of habit.
  • Slow down and take care if you are using the new bike paths around bus stops and pedestrian crossings. This is a new arrangement for Wellington. Pedestrians and people hurrying for buses might not see you.
  • Take particular care at intersections where 54% of crashes involving bikes happen.
  • The new bike lanes are one-way only – ride in the same direction as the traffic.

When you’re walking:

  • Keep an eye out for the new curved concrete paths on the footpath. They provide a way for people on bikes to safely by-pass bus stops and pedestrian crossings.

When travelling by bus:

  • Dedicated areas have been created where you can get on and off buses, but you should take care as you cross the concrete bike paths.

Parade residents:

  • Please watch out for people on foot and bikes as you turn in and out driveways.
  • Try to choose a spot to leave your rubbish and recycling that won’t be hazardous for people walking or biking.

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