Proposed solution: Bike lanes both sides of the road and parallel parking

Thorndon Quay hero image

Why this solution?

This would be a low-cost way to make interim safety improvements for people on bikes along part of Thorndon Quay.  

  • Bike lanes would be painted on the road between the parking and traffic on both sides of the road between Davis Street and Mulgrave Street.
  • The width of the bike lanes would vary from 1.6m to 2.4m.
  • All angle parking on the Westpac Stadium side would be changed to parallel parking.
  • There would be 45 parallel car parks on this side of the street (reduced from the 97 spaces currently provided).
  • 11 parallel car parks outside the city end of Capital Gateway would be removed.
  • All 10 hour parking would change to 2 hours.
  • No changes to parking on the western side.
  • Traffic lanes would be narrowed to 3.5m, except where they are already narrower.
  • The painted median strip would be shifted slightly with minor changes in width.
  • The morning peak citybound clearway would be retained.

Read the full traffic resolution (227KB PDF) and plans (5.1MB PDF)

See how the proposed changes compare to the current layout