The third and fourth sections of the cycleway are planned to run from John Street to Memorial Park, and then on to Waitangi Park.

Section 3 4 map

The two northernmost sections of the route run from John Street in Newtown to Memorial Park, and from Memorial Park to Waitangi Park. These sections are linked with the Let's Get Wellington Moving project, and public transport improvements between the city centre, the hospital and Kilbirnie.

Get Welly Moving will include safe ways for people on bikes to get through this busy part of town.


There have been some significant changes since planning began on the Island Bay to City Cycleway, including:

  • the Government’s $100 million Urban Cycleway Fund
  • development of the Council’s Cycling Framework and Cycleways Programme Master Plan.

These changes have affected the order we’ll make make improvements to our transport network.

We have completed the upgrade to The Parade in Island Bay but there is less certainty around when we’ll develop Sections 2, 3 and 4 of this commuter route.

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