Hutt Road Improvements

We’re improving the shared path along Hutt Road to make it safer for people on foot and on bikes. It's one of our busiest commuter routes and a crucial link in the region's wider cycle network. Work on stage 1 of the path is well under way (north of Aotea Quay overbridge). We are now proposing to upgrade the remaining section of shared path on Hutt Road from the overbridge to Tinakori Road. We also propose creating some extra on-road car parking between Winger BMW and Placemakers.

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Hutt Road Overview

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How we got here

In 2016 Councillors agreed on a 6m-wide pathway from Ngauranga to Kaiwharawhara and that this would continue along the route going south. The community working group that looked at biking options from Aotea Quay overbridge through to Bunny Street concluded that widening the existing section of shared path on Hutt Road using the publicly-owned road reserve would be more sensible than taking away road space.



The informal parking that happens on the footpath is to be gradually phased out to make things safer. From 2 October 2017, anyone who parks on any part of the pathway between Spotlight and Aotea Quay overbridge risks getting a ticket. The footpath parking north of here will go too. This will happen towards the end of the year as work in the area is completed.

The changes will allow people on bikes and on foot to use the newly upgraded walking and cycle paths as intended, without having to negotiate vehicles parked on the footpath or watch for people driving or reversing along the path.

Hutt Road route

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