People in your community have been working with us on ways to make it easier and safer to walk and bike around Miramar, between the eastern suburbs and into the central city.

The Miramar Connections Network

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How we got here

Miramar overview OCT

The community working groups have looked for the best ways to encourage more people of all ages and abilities to ride bikes. The range of options vary street by street – changes on a quiet street will be different to what is needed on a busy thoroughfare.

Among other things, the groups talked about parking, the needs of residents and businesses, trees, heritage features, lane widths, safer speeds, painted median strips, driveways, existing safety issues, pedestrian crossings, intersections and bus stops.

Your next opportunity for comment will be in November 2017. If you comment, we’ll keep you up to date as designs progress for this part of the network.

Miramar connections

These routes will provide connections across Miramar through to Kilbirnie and Cobham Drive.

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Formal Submissions

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