Proposed solution: Separate two-way bike path, footpaths and angle parking

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Why this solution?

Separate paths for people walking and riding bikes will make this area safer and more enjoyable for everyone. The proposed two-way bike path design is consistent with the planned bike path around Evans Bay as part of the route to the eastern suburbs.

  • The existing 4.5m-wide shared path would become a designated footpath on the seaward side of the trees.
  • There would be a two-way 2.5m-wide bike path between the parking and pohutukawa trees, with a 1.8m-wide designated footpath between the parking and bike path.
  • Overall, the amount of parking would increase from 61 spaces to 64 spaces. 58 would be angle car parks, with 6 new parallel car parks replacing the bus stop near Herd Street.
  • The bus stop near Herd Street would be removed on the advice of Greater Wellington Regional Council (there are outbound bus stops nearby at Waitangi Park and Freyberg Pool).
  • The 3 existing mobility parks at Freyberg Pool would be retained.
  • The kerb would be moved out into the road to make room for the bike path and new footpath.
  • Traffic lanes would be narrowed (from 4-4.2m to 3.3m).
  • The painted median strip would be narrowed (2.2m to 2m).
  • There would be new motorbike parking near Royal Port Nicholson Yacht Club.
  • Parking time limits would remain unchanged.
  • The pedestrian crossing near the yacht club would be redesigned to go straight across the road, with a central island, no barriers and a kerb extension on the seaward side.
  • All existing trees would be retained.

Read the full traffic resolution (220KB PDF)  and plans (4.4MB PDF)

See how the proposed changes compare to the current layout